Tenacious free spirits with a passion for design, a dedication to storytelling, and an eye for detail.





Our Team

Mello is equipped with a versatile team of experienced creative professionals. We work in tandem to offer a comprehensive blend of strategy, design, and experiences all aimed at addressing every aspect of branding.

Zach Mainello

Founder + CMO

Enjoys all things streetwear, Bauhaus, and techno - an eclectic combo if used all at once.

Rob Boyle

Creative Director

Find him in the woods, creating magic behind the screen, or at a Phish concert.

Rae Loos

Project + Office Manager

You can find her juggling tasks during the day, and rollerblading in skateparks at night.

Adam Saccheti

Media Production

When he's not shooting for a client, he's out adventuring in the back-country.

Maegan Hedden

Brand Designer

An artist in Illustrator, she brings a strong branding acumen and an inspiring work ethic to the team.

David Waters

UIUX Design

A multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with a focus on crafting experiences.

Sage Morgante

Marketing Manager

Probably retreating to her she-shed, which houses a collection of art and rare plants.

Steve Herzog

Development Lead + Dad

Alway delivers clients with a digital product that they can trust and scale.